10258137_463641380435301_6602979571260229881_nKristin Tucker, Firefighter/Paramedic, Engine 7

EBGH Founder and Managing Director

In my time here at Berkeley Fire Department, I have seen far too many disturbing events involving Cal students, knew something needed to be done, and EBGH was born. I felt it was our duty to reach out to students and give them better tools to survive their college years.

I believe this method of informing students of safe party practices is making a difference both for the students and for Cal as an important place to learn, and will continue for them after they have left Cal. Ultimately I hope it will save lives and reduce the number of students who become patients or victims.


photo 4

Operator Chris Morgan (Left) and Capt. Scott McKinney (Right)

EBGH Presenters and Crew of Berkeley Fire Dept. Engine 3

Chris and Scott have been with EBGH from the beginning.  They were the original crew that would work with EBGH as they tried to tackle the issue of how to reach students before things became a problem.  Together, they began presenting to the campus fraternities and sororities, helping the program gain steam.  Today, they still attend a number of meetings as a crew, taking time away from their busy work schedule to continue to reach students.



Evan Lane, Firefighter Paramedic, Engine 2 IMG_4619and Medic 2

EBGH Presenter

Evan started his relationship with UC Berkeley as a student athlete.  After graduating, he worked his way through paramedic school to the Fire Department, where he now works full time.  Working on the ambulance, Evan becomes the primary source of medical care for students who call 9-1-1, and has seen plenty of unnecessary trips to the hospital simply because students were learning lessons the hard way.  “It’s not worth it,” Evan tells them.  “There are plenty of ways to party, and to push the limits, without making bad choices that jeopardize your life.” As a graduate of the UC Berkeley party scene, Evan would know.


Michelle Deitrick, Firefighter Paramedic, Engine 1 and Medic 3

EBGH Board of Directors

Michelle has been with the Fire Department for about 4 years, and has been with EBGH since the beginning.  She works as a transporting paramedic and is often assigned to the district that covers the UC Campus.  She serves as both a presenter and as a managing director of the program.  She has travelled as far as Florida to carry the message of EBGH to other college communities and help other agencies develop methods to combat the challenges they face.




Colin Arnold, Operator Paramedic Engine 5

EBGH Board of Directors 

Colin serves on the board of directors, as well as the webmaster for  Thus, he has a hard time writing about himself.  He has been working in Berkeley for about 6 years, and has been presenting with EBGH since 2013.




charliebrownChris Van Luen

EBGH Presenter

Chris brings extensive medical knowledge and a great sense of humor to the program.  As a former USCG rescue swimmer and BFD Paramedic Supervisor, Chris has seen his fair share of emergencies and was bothered by the lack of awareness by students and the risks they sometimes take.


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