Our Partners

To ensure that we meet the changing social environment of the college community, we partner with other local resources to make sure that we are delivering relevant and empowering content.  This includes input from the International Fraternal Council, the University of California Police Department, the Berkeley Police Department, the Berkeley Fire Department and Berkeley Firefighters Association.

Major funding to the Every Bear Goes Home program is provided by the UC Berkeley Chancellor’s Grant as well as the Jasmine’s Justice Fire Safety Foundation.


War Horse Tattoo

These guys rock…..thanks to George and Deb Campise for their help and support!  George donated his time and talent to EBGH by way of designing our bear logo.  They are the owners of War Horse Tattoo on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley.  George and his team of very talented tattoo artists offer many different styles of tattooing.  Their shop is clean and filled with good people.  Go check them out!  Thanks again for all the support in EBGH!!

IMG_4572 convention_banner




Oakland firefighter Zach Hilton and his team from BAPJC have been a HUGE key to our success.  They also are the ones who made it possible for us to be awarded the grant from the Chancellor’s Partnership Fund.  Zach became our fiscal sponsor which allowed us to be awarded the grant.  Soon afterward, Zach helped EBGH attain its 501c3 non-profit status.  Without him we would have been lost.  Thanks to Michelle Detrick for this priceless connection!  It has been a whole lot of teamwork to get EBGH where it is today, and BAPJC is a MAJOR contributor to our team.  BAPJC is Zach’s non-profit organization that provides continuing education classes for paramedics and firefighters in the bay area.  They are doing great things to keep us all educated and safe!  Thanks BAPJC for being such an amazing partner and supporter of EBGH!!!


BFFA 1227 and Berkeley Fire Department

BFFA LogoOur Priority Is You

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