Fall of 2016 is on!

Sorry for the lack of posts…I have been too busy for my own good.  Fall 2016 semester is under way and the EBGH team is busy doing presentations for our students! This semester has continued to keep us busy, but we are enjoying seeing our students again.  They continue to impress us by showing us what we have taught them during an emergency situation.

Keep up the good work Bears and stay safe!

Fall Semester is in full swing and we are BUSY!!!

Alcohol at Cal: Authorities report record arrests, tickets

Check out this article we are in!

Received a wonderful award!!

Thank you to Karen Hughes and her interns and team with Party Safe @Cal for honoring me and EBGH with a World Class Award!  Karen and her team took the time to recognize five of us who are striving to make the Cal community a safe place to party, live life and have fun.  Great job to all of my peers who won awards as well! I also want to thank my Chiefs from BFD for showing up and taking the time out  of their busy schedules to support me and Every Bear Goes Home!! Thanks again everyone and let’s keep up the good work!